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Our Team

Amit CEO / Co-Founder
Amrit Senior Development Lead
Ashish Product Designer
Shuvangi Product Assistant
Chandan Associate Software Engineer
Ram Software Engineer (Mobile)
Vicky Startup Mentor & Advisor
Amay Graphic Designer
Sagar Associate Software Engineer
Samin Software Engineer
Prabesh Data Support
Anushka Associate QA Engineer
Elisha QA Engineer - Intern

Introcept Stories

  • Deepa
    Deepa Customer Success Associate-Intern

    As this was my first internship, i was so nervous in initial days but i was able to my make myself comfortable in a little time. Here, all the team members were so friendly and motivating. Working at Introcept made me realize about my dream. I am so glad that i joined Introcept not only because of the things i learned but also got a chance to meet a wonderful people. Overall my experience at Introcept was awesome and yes, unforgettable memories was created during three months of time period.

  • Sandhya
    Sandhya Digital Marketing Assistant Intern

    Being a learning enthusiast, I have always believed that I never lose, I either win or learn. My learning attitude drove me to Introcept. I am really grateful for Introcept Nepal for giving me such a great opportunity to learn new things every single day which has helped me sharpen my skills and abilities. My internship at Introcept as Digital Marketing Assistant Intern has taught me more than I could ever have imagined. Being a Business Management Student, I never thought of working in an IT company, but after I joined Introcept, my perspective changed. I even gained more confidence and belief that I can do it and I can nail it too. Initially, I felt that I had no idea where I came and I lacked confidence about what I could do and what I am really good at. But the working environment here is amazingly pleasant that I adapted to work relatively well. The environment here at Introcept is so relaxed and cozy, yet it has taught me how to work and behave in the workplace and in a team. One of the best things at Introcept for me is definitely the people and team I worked with. In a nutshell, I feel privileged to be part of Introcept.

  • Manjul
    Manjul Software Engineer

    As worked in the small teams in the past, at Introcept I was overwhelmed by the bigger team and the things I could learn from them. It turned out to be the perfect place for me to learn and grow. Our team is creative and passionate and always eager to learn and implement new technology. Introcept gave me huge learning opportunity in the aspect of Engineering, domain knowledge, software methodologies and more importantly team work. Proud to be an Introceptor.

  • Kishan
    Kishan Project Management Assistant Intern

    I got a chance to live up to my dreams, when I joined Introcept Nepal as a Project Management Assistant Intern. But working in a company was my first experience, so I was very scared that I won’t be able to adapt to the changing environment. But due to the supportive learning environment I was able to learn things faster. All the Interceptors are very passionate towards their work. Introcept helped me to know the difference between what I was told in classroom and how the corporate world really works. Overall, my Internship period was very fruitful as I got chance to learn from various departments such as Development, Product, QA, Digital Marketing, Sales. Seeing all the teams working together to make an application work properly cleared my misconception that an application can be popular only if its code is bug free. I am glad that I was a part of this team.

  • Kishan
    Kishan Associate QA Engineer

    Done with Bachelors, what next?? I had not even taken my foot completely out of my student life, when I joined Introcept as an Associate QA – Intern. The leap between classroom walls and office desks is definitely a huge one, but the aura, ambiance and people of this place made it a little easier for me. Introcept gave me a complete corporate experience with a tinge of fun and home like feelings. I have been learning and growing each day here.

  • Asmit
    Asmit Software Engineer

    Joining Introcept has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. Knowing about the reputation and working environment, I wasn’t quite sure how I’d be able to adapt with the team here. But instead, the environment and colleagues here are very welcoming and easy to fit in which helped me a lot to get along with the team in a rather shorter period of time. It’s been about a year now that I’ve been here and I feel like I’ve learned a lot in a shorter period. There is so much to learn here for those willing to and a homely environment that barely makes you feel like you’re at work. All in all, Introcept consists of amazing group of people who are dedicated and hard working with superior goals set in mind and I feel honoured to become a part of it.

  • Nalin
    Nalin Customer Success Associate

    After returning back from abroad, I was worried if I’ll ever work in the environment that I was having back there. I was quite habituated with the environment both professionally and personally. Introcept gave me the same experience, it didn’t let me feel missing. I am so thankful to each and every member for providing  such a cozy, loving and positive feeling every day. Entering through the gate gives me positive vibes and energy to work. People working here are very passionate and full of lives. Helping and solving each others’ problems is one of their prime motto. I am happy to be a part of Introcept Family.

  • Abhilekh
    Abhilekh Customer Success Associate

    After graduation, like everyone I also dreamt of getting a job and had always wondered how people will be like at my workplace. Then after a roller coaster of interviews, I joined Introcept Nepal, a software company with a vision to learn, develop, and grow.  Learning from the upbeat team members every single day is something I consider the best part. A good culture ruled and driven by the young group of people, so responsibly that nobody’s opinion has gone unheard. I have so much to learn and pore over in here. Glad that I landed in a job at Introcept Nepal!

  • Shuvangi
    Shuvangi Product Relation Officer

    As an apprentice, I have always liked working in a team. I believe that people teach us the most and together anything is possible. With this in mind, knowing the culture and people of Introcept has given me the full opportunity to comprehend new things and explore my learning capacity. Helpful people and creative work which makes me ponder my brain every single day has emended me as an overall person. I am also delighted by the intellectual honesty of my colleagues in Introcept. Here we are cultured to grow together.


  • Amrit
    Amrit Sr. Development Lead

    IntroCept is like Silicon Valley of Nepal.The opportunities available and tools we use are top notch. Motivational, Positive and Creative environment, working has never been fun like this before. Learn Develop and Grow.

  • Sushan
    Sushan QA Engineer

    Introcept has given me an opportunity as a fresher to find a career path for the future. INTROCEPT rather than calling it an office for me it has been a platform to learn new things, growing myself as a better IT professional and developing new ideas. So, I am really proud to be an ‘INTROCEPTOR’.

  • Praneen
    Praneen Sr. Software Engineer

    Working at Introcept, I was introduced to an unique work culture I had never encountered before. Adherence to the concept of learn, develop and grow helped me explore my skills which were suppressed in the past. As a developer every piece of code I wrote was a bit better than what I used to write.

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